About Us

Our Vision

Empowering people to transform their energy and to create the reality they want. Everything Hand Tied is a resource for education, and a channel for enhancement of the magical art of hand tied hair.

"We share an intrinsic bond in which you will be taken care of, you will be tended to, our hair will last and your transformed clients will flow in abundance as a result."

Everything Hand Tied


A Letter from Our Founder

I’ve been told my whole life, you don’t belong here. I was told no, again and again. It formed in me a desire, a passion, to always create that sense of belonging for others. The moment you step into my world you belong here. We will share an intrinsic bond, a sisterhood. You will be taken care of, tended to, and when you reach out you will be heard. I am an honest, real woman and I will be present for you in whatever it is you need to support your growth.

What I am building is larger than offering extensions and beads, I am creating a place, a space for people to grow and challenge themselves. Not only as individuals but as a community, we will push you and support you, and we will expect the same in return.

I have always been connected to color, as a mixed woman, much of my life has revolved around it. During my early 20s I got heavily into drugs and where I would go, where my mind would go, on those cool dark nights as I paced, jittery and hopped up, was always back to color. I found peace there, I could breathe there. Painting and coloring took me back to my childhood innocence, long before color took on a very different meaning. Color was and still is, a place of peace and meditation for me.

Using my hands, I will tie my legacy to you, my heritage, passed down through generations of women in my family. My mother, a speaker, her mother, a master seamstress, and now myself weaving their arts together. When I stand behind you, as you are seated in my chair, this is what I give to you... that place of peace, where you can f ind yourself whole again. I am giving you a piece of yourself back, stitch by stitch, and I will show you at the end, how beautiful you always were. I will show you yourself, in the mirror, and I will give you that moment of beauty.


Our Values


We are spiritual, emotional and inclusive. Being transparent about our beleifs is an invitation. We want to inspire and to share our resources so that we can all come up together.

We live with clear intentions; in our actions, words and relationships.

We are not af raid to be honest about who we are, what we stand behind and what we are building. We are real, straight forward humans who genuinely care about you and your journey to success.


The moral code we share with you is part of the value of our product. We hold ourselves accountable. We value you, and we value your energy. This strong moral and artistic code informs every desicion we make.

Integrity also speaks to the products we offer, we are honest and walk our walk with intention. Our hair is ethically sourced, we support our community and we are coming up f rom nothing so that we can give back.

We are breaking norms and choosing a different way. We are community over competion.


Our goal is to show up as ourselves. We are passionate healers, freedom fighters and shit disturbers. We aim to provoke forward thinking and to celebrate all forms of the sacred feminine.

We are in the business of giving you a magical transormation, of bringing out the goddess you feel inside and honoring your power. We want to inspire you to be; exactly as you are, shining with your own amazing, unique flare. We’re in it for the energy, we love who we are and we will not back down.


We are creating a safe place for healing and transformation, a place to humbly rise above. If you walk with intention you are welcome in our tribe and to share in our abundance.

We are in search of open spirited personalities to join our community in all of the magical shapes, sizes and colors they come in.

We are building a home for you to come and work your craft, your magic.