Stylist Information

Do not use ANY products containing the following ingredients on hair extension wefts! They will cause damage.  

  • Quaternium 80,95,16 – Encourages a fast-acting blow-dry and will cause hair breakage.
  • Dimethicone only if followed by Dimethiconol. Do not use if only Dimethicone.

  • Sodium Hydroxide – It is lye.

  • Silicone-based products that are not water-soluble will adhere to the hair.
  • Protein dominate based products – Hair becomes brittle and will break.
  • Olaplex – it’s a bond-building product, protein-based.
  • Sunscreen with Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) – It will turn extensions orange. We always advise using caution when using any sunscreen.

  • Moroccan Oil – It will turn hair exchanges orange.

  • Any product that contains Coconut/Coconut Oil - It will mat or tangle hair.
Everything Hand Tied Is NOT Responsible If Any Of The Above Products Are Used On Hair Extension Wefts Or If A Client Was Not Fully Educated By Their Stylist Prior To Using.

Cutting Wefts

  • We do not recommend cutting the wefts as this will result in shedding.

  • We advise stylists to fold the wefts to fit instead of cutting.
  • If you choose to cut a weft, do so at your own risk.

Everything Hand Tied Is NOT Responsible For Any Damage That May Result From Cutting Hair Weft Extensions. 

Weft Care

  • Prior to install be sure to wash the hair wefts. Wefts tend to fluff up once washed and you may not need as many wefts on your client’s head as you may think.

  • Be sure to gloss hair wefts if you’re not going to color them. This will prevent fading. Hair extensions are colored with fabric dye as the hair is considered a fabric textile.

  • Always use a thermal heat protectant on the hair when using styling tools. This will prevent the hair from burning especially light blondes.

Everything Hand Tied Is NOT Responsible If The Stylist Does Not Ensure These Measures For Their Client’s Benefit.


Client Education

  • After initial installation, educate your client on how to properly brush their hair. This is a new journey they are just beginning.
  • Be sure your client leaves with the proper tools and products so they can maintain their fabulous new mane at home.

Everything Hand Tied Is NOT Responsible If A Client Was Not Fully Educated By Their Stylist Prior To Leaving Salon Chair.